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Monday, June 28, 2010

oh yea, if u havent really notice it by now... I only blog when i feel sad... not just sad, is when i am REALLY sad...

I said something i shouldnt have said, no matter how angry i was(or am)... Esp to this special girl... It has been a long time since i havent felt this feeling... this strange feeling... of being powerless...

now, 8.41pm of monday June 28 2010... i miss her like hell... I need someone to talk too but i couldnt find one... i realise that person whom i always talk too about my problems... is her... But then, wat i did is made her avoid me...

We both are very same, both our goods and bad... we are more like brother and sis... what she likes i like, how she thinks i think... But most of all, we love each other... I just didnt realise that my ego can get so fucked up...

8.27pm of monday june 28 2010... we kinda had a small arguement on the phone and i said "The longer we are together, the more i realise that we are actually aint that same..."

Kaboom~! Bam~! Bish~! right? someone ought to punch me... HOW could i said those stuff?

But i really mean is... i am sorry... I dont care how different we are... I miss u alot... i wan u here... i wanna talk to u... i wanna feel your presence... and most of all... i love u...

I shouldnt have said those... What i should've said was... "I am sorry... Can i find tmr and take u out for breakfast?"

5:39 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

My new addidas Def Jam version of Ghost Face

Hey guys, sorry again. Hahahaz, i had this knack of goin away for a few months not bloggin then suddenly bloggin again. This time is to show off my new kick. XD hahahhaz, and very proud of my student puchong. And a big shout of to my friend thomas. You are achiving great stuff~!

8:21 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My student made that pic for me. Love ya~ Tributes to Carrot~. Dun dare to call her by her full name... Later she kill me... TT.TT. XD

Well, i was asked this question. What is the history of hip hop. I got two answers. It is a dance and i dun care. Hahahaaz, there are two types of dancers in this world. Some are the ones who think we should remember all the legends like sketer rabbit and some oldies dancers due to the respect and that they found the soul of some of the most important element in hip hop in the world that we are still practising today.

There are another type of dancers which is one who doesnt give much of a thought of the past. Which is me. Here is my personal opinion. I love dancing the way it is. I love my craft. I love my body hitting the beats. To my idea, these type of dancers are right and none of them are wrong. Cuz all hav different reason for dancing. I dont stay in the past, i move on. So please stop critic me about that i dont know the history of my craft. And after all, we are all from the same world, same community and same passion. You dont go 200 years from now and expect everyone to know who is Bboy Physicx, Bboy Junior or Poppin Hyun Joon. They would've became oldies on that century.

And for some dancers out there... These are some answers for some student and some anonymous who ask me. Yes, i love dancing. It is dance for life. Dancing is not just a job. U cant become a great dancer if u do not LOVE dancing. Dancing for me is not a hobby, nor a job... It is a lifestyle, a culture, a religion, and it is a big part of my life. Yes, there are alot of ppl who are far better than me in dancing. But they wont get that far if they do not LOVE dancing.

Peace~! And love ya all dancers and my friends. Esp my student Carrot who made that pic for meXD So sweet of her. *Hugz*

6:14 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hey, long time no update(again)... Hahahaz, I had alot of fun in smash party esp meeting B-Girl Se7en for the first time. Lolz, she teach me how to drill headspin. Hahahaz, first time being thought by a girl... I am sooo in love. Hahahaz~! Anyways, i came to realise that there are bgirls around the world who can practically own bboys. Hahahaz, i am getting scared~! Improve ment~!


B-Boys~! and B-Girl~!



Back Somersault by muah~! Freaking high wei

Head Hollow by B-girl seven, owned

Back Tuck... Hahahaz, mid air baby~! Just love the cameraman

Elbow Freeze. My hair is freaking long... Hahahaz and wasup wif my face. Constipation

Wat the mother mcb kia am i doin?(I am soo sorry, the cursing is soo random)

Me, footwork... Helping Bboy Azim for his performance

A Bboy, Azim's partner or student or watever... cant remember his name

Bboy Azim, powermover. Freakin power... windmill to 1990

The pianist(XD)

Azim the rock band singer and behind is me, the drummer(LMAO)

Azim's one hand stall...

7:28 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

This is the old battle pic of me and RoX Attitude~XD miz that a bunch. Well, here are pics. Enjoy~. Anyways, my leg still haven heal yet... got worst tooXD

A friendly huggie wif il corsa. AFter the battle~
Doin a backward flip wif the girlsXD
Hahahaz, matrix concept
Cakes~~~ yaya~!
Love this shoot, this is me btwXD
WArming up~
All white, new school~

10:16 PM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

MY WHOLE FREAKING BODY IS STILL SORE-ING~! wat to do, so long in hospital and was told to rest by my group... Then can bboy and dance sure go crazy... my now my back is painfull and also my heel. I got that after i did an air pike and land not so properly. ISH~!

me and gary, so long edi the pic hair oso like jakun~
First time after so long i cam whore
tracy, my very special friend~

2:38 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I found some of my old pics in the internet. Damn funny is that it has been there for a while and it is right under my nose. Lolz, really nice. These two days i have been teaching and bboy-ing my ass off. First time got soo tired after i was discharged from the hospital and felt really great~! Despite the pain on all over my body... XD here are some old pics~]

Didnt know i enjoy that much
dont u just love the energy?XD
i love camera man
Popping... XD
me and my stupid long hair
Smash party 2008
me me me~

7:26 AM
by blur blur sotong boy.